Halect Avernoc


Mindcleared Assassin / Psyker

WS- 31 BS- 35 S- 30 T- 32 AG- 37 Int- 31 Per- 34 Wp- 44 Fel- 22
Wounds- 12 Fate Points- 3

Skills: Speak Language (Low Gothic) (Int), Awareness (Per), Dodge (Ag) Psyniscience (Per), Invocation (WP), Trade (Merchant)(Fel), Literacy (Int).

Talents: Melee Weapon Training (Primitive), Unremarkable, Thrown Weapon Training, Basic Weapon Training (SP), Pistol Training (SP), Pistol Weapon Training (Las), Psy Rating 1.

Gear: hunting rifle and 16 rounds, sword, 10 throwing knives, 3 doses of stimm, charm (Doll’s head), black bodyglove (Common Quality Clothing). Axe, staff,compact las pistol and 1 charge pack, knife (psykana mercy blade), quilted vest, deck of cards, Psy-Focus, sanctioning brand.

Witch Prickling: Your body is covered in thousands of tiny scars. You have a thorough dislike of needles. Increase your Toughness by 3.

Engram Implantation – You begin play with Deceive (Fel) and Intimidate(S) skills. You treat Common Lore (Tech) (Int) and Survival(Int) as Basic Skills. You also begin with the Jaded andPistol Weapon Training (SP and Las) talents.

Failsafe Control – The trigger works just like the use of the Dominate Psychic Power (see page 178 in Dark Heresy). If the trigger is successful, you may be given an order or set of instructions you must carry out to the best of your abilities. However, if the command is antithetical or directly harmful to you, you may receive an appropriate bonus to resist the control.

Imperial Conditioning – You gain a +10 bonus on Willpower Tests made to resist Fear or attempts to control or possess your mind (psychically, chemically or otherwise).

Through A Mirror Darkly – You start play with 4 Insanity Points. At the GMs discretion, certain rare events, individuals and even things like phrases, sights, and smells may trigger “repressed” memories. When this occurs you must pass a Willpower Test or roll on the Shock Table (see page 233 in Dark Heresy)—note that your conditioning and any Talents that resist Fear or Insanity don’t help with this. GM Note: Use this Trait sparingly

Memory shards – Halect had assassinated a church official whom was corrupt via wealth, his family was murdered before him by a kill squad which painted the walls red with their blood. he gets flash backs of moments of these.

400 Exp to spend


Halect Avernoc

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