Imperium of Man

Malifa Terra is a newly claimed Imperial world with five colonies and a large indigenous population of humans, whom are in their Information Age. The planet is very similar to Holy Terra before it was given to the mahcine gods, and dedicated to the God Emperor.

The Indigenous population has access to cybernetic technology (think Deus Ex) and are considered at large to be heretical in nature. Efforts to convert them to the ways of the God Emperor have been met with resistance.

Malifaterra Prime is the original drop colony to establish itself upon the ground. it is primarily a military base with battlements focused upon potential xenos invasion. it spends little efforts upon on world activity. It also sends and recieves all ships docking on Malifaterra that expect extended stays.

Avendous Regal is the largest residential facility colonizing Malifaterra. It is also the religious center on world. A lot of currency moves through Avendous Regal, as it also functions as the trade capital of Malifaterra. All attempts to convert the loval populous has been made out of this facility.

Terra Moble is a starting mineral harvesting facility deep in the jungles of Malifaterra’s Green Reach. The facility is just beginning the Extraction process and only has minimal facilities on site.

Kanvex is a new residential colony set across the continent from Avendous and Malifaterra Prime. It’s main function is to scout potential mineral deposits and other regional military resources. It is yet to be fully established and currently boasts wide expanses of room, if not relatively simple living.

Industra Malifaterra is the second facility placed on world. it resembles the beginning of a Hive Industrial Park. It is Malifaterra’s primary source of produced goods, and materials. While the facility has been met with great success in it’s development, it has been the main focus of Indigenous assault. This likely is because Industra is the distribution center of the planet. It’s residential facilities are ringed around the Industrial park to minimize exposure of the main facilities to ground assaults.

Imperium of Man

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