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A world in recovery of mutually assured destruction has come to thrive once more. centuries passed the human population destroyed itself in atomic war, many bunkers filled to the brim as the missiles were launched, and many more people found no shelter. of those that survived horrible mutations have set in.. yet after the world has become clean again these mutations have become common day. Technology has exploded onto the world from salvaging and research. A diverse world it has truly become.

Imperium of Man
It has been six decades since the Establishment of MalifaTerra Prime on world, and while the Imperium of Man aids us little, we ask instead what can We provide the Imperium of Man! A third generation has been born on world and it is our mission to claim this planet in it’s entirety by their life time. Upon the blood of our children’s children this has been Sworn!

Go forth, The God Emperor’s Gaze is Upon Us.

Camarilla Corp
Great expanses on technical and medical knowledge have become ours. The recent attacks from both the Human resurgence and the Sanguine Republic have left us low on resources and recovering, but we will persevere. There is a new threat on the horizon, and it has not gone unnoticed. it will not go unanswered.

Sanguine Republic
After the great fires of hell came upon us we have not yet died. the sun is not our enemy, yet darkness is our home. The recent actions of one of our clans has left our presence well known and feared. There is much to be gained now, and little use in hiding within our walls.

Human Resurgence
Living underground for the last few centuries has made us strong and sturdy. It has become clear that the surface is once again hospitable. It is time to recolonize and expand. We shall reclaim our world from the mutant humanoids that now survive in our place.

Mystic Arms
Life has been simple for us and the Arcane has woven a beautiful tapestry amongst our people. the past matters little now, only the future can yield amazing glory. Our alliance with the Camarilla yields fascinating new technologies, but keep well the knowledge of our life. our ways will not yield to chaotic change. for we hold our own fate in our hands.

Home Page

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